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Entry #4


2013-04-06 18:31:14 by haitam

I made a game ...you can play it here
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e0724c574d4c 95bcf22cdad7728ffd3f
It's pretty bad ,but hey it's my first (semi complete )game.I made it specifically for the android (adobe air),so you can cheat pretty easily in the browser version. programming is loads of fun ,but pretty frustrating at times...so I'll just keep animating for now. Anyway for those of you that are interested I'm working on different animations at the same time and some art for pico day ,so look out for that...here's a pico crotch shot preview.



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2013-04-06 23:56:57

It's adorable.

haitam responds:

It will steal your jetpack.


2013-04-07 15:04:00

Simple fun, you should submit this instead of keeping it in the dump! I like how you can even skim the surface of the water, and see your reflection. It seems like a pretty detailed creation despite the basic gameplay.

haitam responds:

The gameplay isn't polished enough to submit,so I'd rather leave it in the dump.Also I focused on how it looked as opposed to how it plays.


2013-04-08 03:44:28

Ah, well, high standards are a good thing I suppose. Would still be awesome to play this with medals...

haitam responds:

I can't think of any cool achievements :(


2013-04-08 16:27:16

How about 100/200/300 coins, 1k/5k/10k meters, secret medal hitting a hundred birds, a final medal for reaching a designated amount of coins and/or meters to 'complete the game', with a happier ending picture? You could also throw in a special keyboard combo + medal to do a barrel roll, or loop.